The Department of Physics at the University of Patras offers a M.Sc. Program in "Applications of Physics in Atmosphere and Electronics" with a specialization in: "Electronics and Information Processing".

Graduates from the Departments of Physics, Electrical Engineering, Informatics and Computer Science, as well as other Departments of Science and Polytechnic Schools of Greece or abroad, are admitted at the discretion of the Selection Committee. The number of students admitted per year cannot exceed ten (10).

The M.Sc. Program lasts three (3) semesters. Students are required to attend and successfully study all compulsory courses and elective courses during the first two semesters and to successfully complete a master thesis in the third semester.

List of courses

Code  Course ECTS  Faculty
   1st semester    
EIP107  Digital Signal and Image Processing - Laboratory 8

 V. Anastasssopoulos

EIP108  Systems Design with Microcontrollers 7

 K. Giannakopoulos

 A. Kalantzopoulos  

 E. Zygouris

EIP109  Machine Vision - Learning 8

 V. Anastassopoulos

 G. Economou


   Elective Course 7  
   2nd semester    
EIP206  Intelligent Data Analysis - Pattern Recognition 8

 V. Anastassopoulos

 G. Koukiou

EIP207  Digital Telecommunications 8

 G. Economou

 A. Xrysikos

EIP208  Digital Systems Design with FPGAs 7  D. Bakalis
   Elective Course 7  
   3rd semester    
EIP311  Master Thesis 30  
   Elective Courses    
EIP120  Measurements and Data Management in Atmospheric   Sciences (1st semester) 7  A. Argiriou
EIP121  Mobile Communications Systems (1st semester) 7  S. Kotsopoulos
EIP122  Technologies and Internet Programming (1st semester) 7  I. Garofalakis
EIP220  Speech and Natural Language Processing (2nd semester) 7

 N. Fakotakis

 K. Sgarmpas


 Atmospheric Geophysics and Remote Sensing Signals       (1st   semester)

7  G. Koukiou
EIP222  Biomedical Signals and Images (2nd semester) 7

 G. Panayiotakis

 S. Skiadopoulos


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