The Electronics Laboratory faculty offices are located on the 1st floor (offices 101, 103, 105) and the 2nd floor (office 203) of the Physics Department.

The seminars conducted by the Electronics Laboratory professors in undergraduate as well as postgraduate level, are taking place in classrooms Φ2, Φ3, Φ7 and 107 of the Physics Department.



Laboratories :


  • Electronics and Analog Electronics laboratories (12 workbenches).
  • Digital Electronics laboratory (12 workbenches).
  • Digital Signal Processing laboratory (12 workstations).
  • Embedded systems and signal processing systems laboratory (12 workstations).



Research & Development :


  • 8 GPU-equipped workstations for machine learning applications with deep CNNs (deep learning).
  • 10 fully-equipped workstations for developing Digital Signal Processing applications using TI’s (Texas Instruments) developing platforms.
  • 10 fully-equipped workstations for embedded system development with VHDL/Verilog using ALTERA’s developing platforms.
  • Analog VLSI Design laboratory equipped with Cadence software.
  • Automated Analog and RF measurements laboratory equipped with Agilent 4395 network spectrum impedance analyzer, Agilent arbitrary waveform generators and oscilloscopes, connected with PCs through LAN/GPIB Interface.
  • Data Acquisition laboratory equipped with NI’s (National Instruments) data acquisition platforms along with LABView and MATLAB software.
  • 15 fully-equipped workstations for digital image processing and machine vision applications using MATLAB, Simulink and Microsoft Visual Studio software.
  • Automatic Identification System based on GPS, witha VHF data transfer to PC for ship surveillance.
  • Micron A10-FLIR, 7.5-13 microns technology, thermal camera with image sending capability to a PC through RS-232 interface.




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