General Info :


The Team consists of the following staff:


V. Αnastassopoulos, Professor

G. Economou, Professor

G. Koukiou, Post-Doc Researcher

D. Tsourounis, Ph. D. Candidate

S. Katakis, Ph. D. Candidate

K. Karachristos, Ph. D. Candidate

K. Barkoula, Ph. D. Candidate

S. Oikonomou, Ph. D. Candidate

V. Pothos, Ph. D. Candidate



Research Interests :


Digital Information Processing is carried out in Electronics Laboratory by the SIMG group (Signal Image & Multimedia) and the IRIDA group (Interpretation of Remote Information Development & Application).  Fifteen Researchers (Staff, PostDoc and Ph.D. students) constitute one of the most active R&D Groups in the Digital Information Processing society in Greece. The main R&D activities are as follows:


  • Image & Video Processing
Clustering, segmentation, color, texture and multispectral processing, super-resolution, video analysis and event recognition, video summarization, etc.
  • Multimedia Databases / Digital Libraries
2D/3D feature extraction, content-based indexing and retrieval of images and video, database organization and visualization, semantic knowledge discovery and mapping, multimedia search engines, advanced descriptors and similarity metrics for images and video.
  • Pattern Recognition and Computer Intelligence Methodologies
Feature extraction and selection methods, neural nets, vector quantization, classification and clustering techniques, dimensionality reduction, data and image fusion, pattern identification and biometrics. Development of a user friendly environment enabling the human-computer interaction for the data mining and information handling from large digital databases of signals and images.
  • Multi-Sensor Information Fusion
Combining information from various sensors in order to achieve higher reliability and higher system performance. Sensor fusion is dealing also with the automatic detection, association, correlation, estimation, and combination of data and information from single and multiple sources. Structural Health Monitoring techniques for continuous and autonomous monitoring of defects, stress/strain, environmental and other parameters of structure health, by means of permanently embedded sensor systems in order to ensure structural integrity. Different types of sensors, embedded in specific structure of interest, detect cracks, corrosion, delamination and other damage and simplify their assessment.



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