General Info :


The Team consists of the following staff:


C. Psychalinos, Professor

Sp. Vlassis, Associate Professor

G. Souliotis, TEI of Western Greece

A. Demartinos, PhD Candidate

A. Tsimpos, PhD Candidate

G. Tsirimokou, PhD Candidate

P. Bertsias, PhD Candidate


The Team includes also M.Sc. students from  the postgraduate course curriculum on “Electronics & Communications”.



Research Interests :


The main research filed of Analog VLSI Design Team is the design of analog integrated circuits for signal processing. The team is involved with the development of active blocs (e.g opamps, OTAs, CCIIs) which are fully compatible with today market needs in terms of minimum supply voltage requirement and power dissipation. Employing appropriate active elements analog signal processing topologies are designed for baseband and RF applications.


Our research activities could be summarized in the following:


  • Design of low-voltage analog integrated circuits:
    • Building blocks (opamps, transconductors, multipliers) for ultra low-voltage power supply (<0.5V).
    • Active elements (current-mirrors, OTAs, CCIIs, CFOAs) for power supply voltage < 1.5V.


  • Design of continuous and discrete time analog filters:
    • Continuous time linear filters with current-mirrors, CFOAs, CCIIs, etc.
    • Discrete time (switched-capacitor, switched-current) linear filters.
    • Companding filters: Log and square root domain.


  • Design of integrated RF transceivers for wireless communications:
    • RF frond-end (LNAs, Mixers).
    • Frequency synthesizers (PLL synthesizers, Fractional Synthesizers).
    • Analog low-end.


  • Design of high speed electronics for optical networks

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Experience :


The team has a remarkable experience on the use of CAD software for VLSI design, such as Cadence, and Tanner Tools software. In addition, the team has access to a fully equipped laboratory for computer-based design, measuring, and characterization of analog and mixed signal systems.


Through its expertise the team has in the past the chance to be in close collaboration with international and Greek companies such as Intel, Intracom, and Theta Microelectronics.


The Electronics Laboratory, where the team belongs, is an associated member of the HSIA (Hellenic Semiconductor Industrial Agency).


Infrastracture :


The equipment consists of the following :

  • Six workstations equipped with Cadence software.
  • Five workstations equipped with Cadence Orcad v16 software.
  • A workstation equipped with Tanner Tools Pro software.
  • A working position equipped with HP4395 Network/Spectrum Analyzer, two Agilent 33250A arbitrary waveform generators and an Agilent DSO 6034A 4-channel oscilloscope for the experimental verification of ICs.
  • Five working positions, equipped with Agilent DSO 3000 oscilloscopes and Agilent 33220A arbitrary waveform generators where measurements can be performed through Internet (remote lab).


Selected Publications :


Some of the distinguished team publications are:

  • C. Psychalinos, S. Vlassis, “A systematic design procedure for square-root domain circuits based on the signal flow graph approach”, IEEE TCAS-I, vol.49, no.12, pp.1702-1712, 2002.
  • C. Psychalinos, N. Fragoulis , I. Haritantis , “Log-domain Wave filters” , IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part-II, vol. 51, no. 6, pp. 299-306, 2004.
  • N. Kontogiannopoulos, C. Psychalinos, “Log-Domain Filtering by Simulating the Topology of Passive Prototypes”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part-I, vol. 52, no.10, pp. 2043-2054, 2005.
  • G. Souliotis and I. Haritantis, "Current-mode differential wave active filters", IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part-I , vol. 52, no. 1, 2005.
  • G. Souliotis, N. Fragoulis "Differential Current-mode tunable wave active filters based in single-ended Wave Port Terminators”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part-I, vol. 53, no.4, pp. 821-828, 2006.
  • C. Psychalinos, “On the transposition of Gm-C filters to DC stabilized log-domain filters”, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, vol.34, no.2, pp.217-236, 2006.
  • S. Vlassis, C. Psychalinos, “A low-voltage CMOS VT extractor”, Electronics Letters, vol.43, no.1, pp.921-923, Aug. 2007.
  • C. Psychalinos, “Low-voltage complex log-domain filters”, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part-I: vol. 55, no.11, pp. 3404-34012, 2008.
  • G. Souliotis, C. Psychalinos, “Electronically controlled multiphase sinusoidal oscillators using current amplifiers”, International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, vol. 37, no.1, pp.43-52, 2009.


Integrated Filters for Short Range Wireless and Biomedical Applications,

C. Laoudias, C. Psychalinos.


Springer, 2011


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